​Rebeccca's Canine Academy​

AKC Trick dog.   All levels of trick dog testing.    Sign up today to become a performer. 

Conformation:   The evaluation of breeding stock per breed standard working towards the title of champion and grand champion.  

Rally:  This obedience sport involves following a course of stations with the goal of completing the course with the most accurate performance in the fastest time to win. 

Tracking:   This sport showcases your dogs ability to follow human scent with nose down footstep style tracking.   Your dog will show how its brilliant sense of smell can follow a track up to three hours old and locate lost articles. 

Behavior Modification:   Private instruction available for dogs and handlers who are struggling with canine behaviors for which are unwanted, dangerous, or suffer from a lack of understanding.    These appointments are $75 per hour. 

Obedience:  This is one of the first canine sports and showcases the dogs usefulness to man in working disciplines.   A sport of true relationship. Open to all breeds and mixes.  

IPO:   This three phase working dog sport showcases tracking, obedience, and protection skills under the international rules of the FCI.   A once heavily used breed suitability test for German Shepherd Dogs IPO is now a world wide sport and titling event for many working breeds.  

K9 Nose Work:    The sport of scent detection using the AKC odors of birch, anise,clove, and cypress.    We teach containers, buried, interior, exterior as well as handler discriminaton. 

Agility:   The fast paced sport of dog agility is all about teamwork, communication and speed.   From beginners to national levels my programs take you there. 

AKC STAR Puppy, Canine Good Citizen (CGC CGCA CGCU)   This companion dog levels program offers your dog the opportunity for basic obedience training to create a dog that is a joy both in the home and out in public.    Each level requires successful completion of AKC testing.   All dogs pure and mixed are welcome.