​Rebeccca's Canine Academy​

The training facility built in 2009 is a fabric tension structure.  We have an outdoor fenced agility arena, a climate controlled classroom, and an indoor arena for winter use. Footing in the indoor arena is Juta sport turf installed in 2017 for the most advanced footing for all sports.   All of my classes are conducted at the facility. For the safety of dogs and their handlers we have a requirement that all dogs will be leashed or crated when not working.    This is a smoke free facility covering the entire grounds.   Due to dangers of entanglement the use of flexi leads in classes is prohibited.   If you use a flexi for exercising your dog that is allowed but a four to six foot leash will be required for class.  All handlers MUST clean up after their dogs.   A pail for disposal is provided as well as bags should you need one.